Monday, January 20, 2014

This is what a REAL cover-up looks like

Warning: This story covers a graphic topic. Read at your own discretion.

This is sickening. This should have the world screaming for justice. This needs to be answered.

A new report on the fight in Syria has unearthed evidence of what is being called "Industrial-Scale Killing" of Syrians by the government. The report is based on a large cache of documents that were smuggled from Syria, and implicate the government in the murder of more the 11,000 people. Photos that were made part of the cache show corpses with signs of torture. Many have marks indicating electrocution, strangulation, or other forms of torture. Many of the bodies appear emaciated as well, as though the victims had not been fed.

For years now, there have been concerns about atrocities in Syria. We have seen evidence of the government using chemical weapons on its own people. We have seen them dropping barrel bombs on civilian neighborhoods, killing hundreds. We have seen the government ramp up attacks on "rebels" in the weeks leading up to planned peace talks as if trying to soften them up.

And now this. It has been an ongoing debate in Washington as to how we should respond. We have been waiting for solid evidence of crimes orchestrated by the government. Now we have solid evidence, so what will we do?

I believe that America must set an example here. I hate the idea of going into another country that has not attacked us directly. However, as a member of the world community, we have a responsibility to act when the laws of that community are broken. I firmly believe that action must be taken, whether directly or indirectly, to remove Assad from power in Syria and bring Democracy to that nation.

I hope that Congress can put aside its partisanship in the name of justice, and support the President if he should choose to respond with military action against Syria. If he does not, then we must support him in whatever decision he makes regarding this latest intelligence.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian people, and I hope that a resolution to the conflict will come soon.

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samp said...

I agree. However, avoid ground troops and give air support. We need a coalition and not do it unilaterally. I think a no-fly zone and try to prevent Iran from supplying support would go long way. Sadly, Americans are so war weary that we my just stand by and do nothing. I hope not. We have to be careful who we arm however as the "rebels" now have our enemies in their ranks. I'm not so sure that in this case the enemy of your enemy is your friend applies. Why not just let both sides who are our enemies kill each other? Tough situation but the U.S. in my mind just can't stand by and watch it happen.