Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Obamacare Religion

The fight over Obamacare reached a new level of insanity today when Glenn Beck (not really known for his logical reasoning to begin with) came out with a new talking point: Obamacare is a religion!

Beck's argument is that people are "tithing" to the God of Obamacare, big Government, via the website, and that the creation of Obamacare equals the establishment of a state religion, which is expressly forbidden by the Constitution.

Now, I will ignore the obvious stupidity of trying to make the argument that Obamacare is a religion, and instead point out the less obvious hypocrisy of Glenn Beck arguing that there shouldn't be a state-established religion. I say this because, if you have spent even just a few minutes with Mr. Beck's website, you will notice a strange trend that tends to favor Christian religion. That is, stories that promote Christian philosophies, condemn non-Christian actions, and generally try to create the sense that America is a Christian Nation.

Beck's argument, to me at least, seems rather over the top. If he wants to debate the law itself, he is certainly free to do that. But he shouldn't be telling people it's a religion when it's not, especially when he's spent a good part of his career and media space promoting the idea of a state religion.

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