Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Insanity Season

Do you know how you can tell when representatives are nearing a new election? Easy; they start pandering to the craziest of the crazy! Here are a few examples:

1. Republicans in North Carolina have cut the taxes of the wealthy even more, while hiking taxes on the poor. If you hear any of them complain about Democrats engaging in class warfare, you have carte blanche to laugh at them.

2. Tea Party candidate Ken Buck (CO) explained that he could understand wanting control over your own body and what happens to it. He said he felt this way when he was a cancer patient. But even though he understands this, he still doesn't think women should be allowed to control their own health choices. Awesome.

3. Bob Goodlatte, a rep. from Virginia, argued that Republicans should be in favor of limiting access to abortion for women because it promotes job growth. Goodlatte points out that jobs will be created to care for all the babies women are forced to have when they get pregnant. It will boost the economy, he says. It will be like another industrial revolution. It'll be like factories that are pumping out babies. It'll be like.... creating a new generation of children who grow up in extreme poverty because a woman was told she didn't know what was best for herself.

Welcome to election season, 2014, everybody!

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