Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Denying Science

With the recent rush of cold weather throughout the Midwest and Eastern US, just about everybody has heard of this Polar Vortex. This low-pressure system, which usually sits over the Arctic, has been creating a lot of hassles this past week or so. Meteorologists have been tracking this for quite some time, using their technology to try and figure out what it's going to do.

But not everyone believes that this polar vortex exists. Rush Limbaugh explained to his listeners yesterday how the polar vortex is a hoax created by the liberal media to promote their "global warming agenda." According to Mr. Limbaugh, the frigid cold temperatures that are shattering records nationwide are nothing more than a "cold snap."

What amazes me about this story is how Limbaugh can say that a weather system that is affecting an estimated 187 Million people is a hoax. Never mind that science backs it up. Never mind that experts in climatology and meteorology are saying that this is unprecedented. Mr. Limbaugh says that it's a hoax.

It underscores a concern I have for many conservatives who deny science that does not agree with their opinions. I don't have enough information to prove that this most recent weather pattern is the result of climate change, and that climate change is caused by human activity. However, the science strongly points in that direction, and I happen to agree. And even if this polar vortex is not directly linked to climate change, denying that it even exists is ridiculous.

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