Monday, January 20, 2014

Benghazi Style

I didn't want to talk about this again, because I see it as a non-issue. I know that it's a big talking point on the conservative side, but I want to point out a few things that I hope will clear the air.

The first is that this whole notion that the administration is unsympathetic about Benghazi is ridiculous. The most popular bit of evidence for this argument isn't even true. That whole scandal with what Hillary Clinton said? Yeah, not really a scandal at all. What bothers me most is not that it took this long for someone to point this out, but that conservatives don't seem to have realized it themselves. This is exactly what they did with the "You didn't build that" theme from the last election. It's a quote that was taken completely out of context and used to make the exact opposite point that the speaker was initially intending to make.

The second thing I want to point out is how silly this whole thing is. I will say that it is a tragedy that four Americans lost their lives. But so is the fact that more than five times that lost their lives during attacks on American embassies during the Bush administration, and no one got up in arms then. It was a tragic event, absolutely, but for the Right to make this much political hay over the controversy is perverse.

How many times have conservative pundits ripped the gun control lobby for using school shootings to further their agenda? How many times has the conservative media criticized the Left for using national tragedies to place common sense limits on gun ownership? This is exactly what the Right is doing with Benghazi.

Now, I know that I'm going to get some comments about this post, and that's fine. I welcome a discussion on this issue, just like any other. But I want the conservatives out there to be aware of the hypocrisy that many of them are exhibiting here. Please tell me what evidence there is of a cover-up. Please tell me why you think that this administration has done something so much worse than any previous one when it comes to this type of thing? Why is it this time, this one event, that has caused so much turmoil?

I leave you with this. The lives of Americans are no different than the lives of other people on this planet. We are all human. We all have families. We are all loved by someone. We can mourn for those who have lost their lives for this country, but we should also recognize those who have lost their lives for other countries. Do our enemies not weep for their dead? Of course they do. Benghazi was a tragedy that cost the lives of four Americans. But to take that tragedy and turn it into a political movement of this magnitude, when greater tragedies have garnered much less attention, is abhorrent to me. We are not special because of where we were born, we are special because we were born at all. The deaths of those in Benghazi may have been prevented by a thousand different things, and no one person is to blame for that. It is just as easy to blame congressional Republicans, who failed to increase funding for security of foreign embassies many times in the years leading up to Benghazi. Let's remember those who died, agree to do better in the future in their honor, and move on.

And just for a light end to it all, I present this: what Republicans sound like when they go on about this stuff.

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samp said...

One short comment on this. I disagree with your analysis in total. And now how do you feel about Bill Mahar (sic) and other liberals saying the the Chris Stevens is partially responsible for his own death. Despicable....
Nothing further needs to be said. We each have our opinions and I don't either of us changing.