Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ridiculousness Continuing

You may have noticed that we are still in the throes of media hype over the Benghazi attacks that took place five months ago. I could understand people's anger, frustration, etc. more if this had been a unique situation. Clearly. looking at the picture above, it wasn't. And no matter what the talking heads on the Right have to say, they haven't white-washed our history yet, and we can still remember things from more than four years ago.

Despite Conservatives trying to make this attack into a major political movement by using it to create smokescreen hearings and block nominations, there doesn't seem to be anything there to discuss anymore. Sure, there may have been more that could be done in the moment, but the fact is, our leaders acted the way they did, and it's done. As Hilary Clinton so (in)famously put it "What difference does it make now?" As crude and distant as that statement may seem (and Republicans are certainly trying to work that into every discussion), it's no less true. Despite conspiracy nuts and crazy idiots who think it was some grand conspiracy, and that we're just waiting for the cover to be blown open, there's been no new information, no new analysis, and no new heads to roll.

And now, to point out the next level of hypocrisy, which is that our esteemed former President, Mr. Bush, had a worse track record than Obama when it came to foreign embassy attacks. More members of America's foreign offices died under Bush than under Obama. Same outrage, demand for answers, hearings to barrage SOS Rice? Nope. Nothing.

So while the Republicans continue to wallow in this Benghazi delirium, and use it to further their obstructionist tactics, it would be worth noting that they are just as guilty of ignoring these tragedies as they claim Democrats are, they are just as guilty of turning a blind eye to American deaths, and they are just as willing to demand answers from a Democratic President as they are to demand obedience to a Republican one.

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samp said...

I'll quote your blessed Secretary of State Hillary during her Congressional testimony "what difference at this point does it make?" I guess none to her...shameful. Glad she's gone, even though we still have the Coward in Chief for the next 4 years. The world laughs and the terrorist are emboldened. I don't need to tell anyone what difference it makes to those whose loved ones were not protected or defended even after requesting help while under fire although, apparently there was help just 2 hours away in Italy; it took 7 hours for the terrorists to kill 4 brave Americans. Help appx 3 trips from Italy to defend fellow Americans. Where were those damn drones then huh? The President couldn't even be bothered with a follow up call to see how it was going after being told the Embassy was being attacked. I guess he was building a case for deniability. After all, the elections were still almost a month away so he had to get passed election day. Pathetic. Enough.