Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dealing with Idiots

If you've been paying attention at all the last week or so, you've heard about the sequester, how it will cost thousands of jobs, billions of dollars for necessary programs, and essentially drive our nation into a fiscal oblivion from which we may never recover. If you've really been paying attention, you may be wondering why in the hell we're even still talking about this. Surely, it's political suicide for any politician to stand in the way of preventing the sequestration from taking place.

Well, the idiots in Congress are doing just that. It appears as though both parties are trying to gain the upper hand in negotiations over how to avoid the sequester. Democrats and Republicans alike want to be the ones that set the terms for this discussion. In reality, it shouldn't matter since whatever deal is reached should be equally terrible for both parties, but good for the American people.

I've been wondering why it is that our representatives are failing to negotiate over something that is clearly a very bad idea. Why aren't they doing more, meeting around the clock to hammer out proposals, working together to save us all?

Here's one reason: they're afraid of the repurcussions. What repurcussions. The best example is John Boehner, who appears to be worried about losing his speakership should he cave on revenue increases. With that much of a consequence on the table, it's no wonder both sides are hesitant to give anything.

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samp said...

Remember what we're talking about here are NOT cuts, but slower growth. Federal agencies will receive more funding this FY, albeit without "proper" budget than they did last year just not as fast. Incredible how both parties are so negative. I've never seen or heard a President or supposed leaders so negative. What ever happened the to "Hope"? Wasn't than one of Obama's main themes? He should be ashamed at his "campaigning" behavior, running around the country to tell all who will listen the sky is falling. Both parties should be purged in their entirety and the employers, i.e."we the people" in order to form a perfect government elect that truly supports them. Of course that can't really happen until the next election cycle. And once again my guess is that like lemmings over the cliff (fiscal or otherwise)we will put those same shameful, useless zeroes back into office and wonder why it still isn't working. Ever heard the definition of insanity? It's alive and well among the electorate of this country. God bless and save America.