Wednesday, January 9, 2013


John Stewart is mad. And rightly so. His home city has been beaten up by a storm, and Congress can't pull itself together long enough to help the victims. It's been two months, and the House of Representatives decided it was better to end their session than to vote on providing more relieft to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

In his monday show, Jon Stewart took House Republicans to task for failing to vote on the relief funds, and then, in an effort to seem truly dickish, passing a reduced funding package that, even then, 67 GOPers refused to support.

This speaks to a larger problem with the GOP, which Stewart mentions in the clip above (I hope it loads; my computer is having a bit of trouble with it). For one thing, the Republicans have been in this crazy frame of mind where they think it's better to let people suffer than to spend a penny to help them. Every little thing becomes politically charged. We saw it with the debt ceiling, which used to be routine, and now we're seeing it with disaster relief. It's not as if the GOP is disinclined to accept federal dollars for their own districts. They do so on a regular basis, with no hint of the irony in that. It's when they have a major media platform, a chance to make a public stance of principle, that they seem to let their brains go numb in an effort to curry favor with their extreme supporters.

Turning disaster aid into a political flash point was a stupid thing for the GOP to do, though, because people are genuinely interested in other people's welfare. It would be like taking a stand against protecting children; it would be political suicide. But in this case, it seems the backlash has been minimized. I'm not sure why, but this doesn't seem to be getting a lot of people talking.

This kind of thing reminds me of the most recent GOP primary race, when people at the debates were heard yelling things like "let 'em die" in reference to an uninsured person. Is this really the mentality that the GOP is allying itself with? It seems that way, since they seem so uninterested in doing even the simplest things to help people in their own country.

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samp said...

I agree with you on this one. The GOP seems to have lost it's way. I understand their no more taxes stance. But I am at a loss to see why they don't help their fellow citizens in time of need, i.e. Sandy storm relief. God, after all they will trip over themselves to give billions to aid foreign dictatorships such as Egypt and Libya. It is truly pathetic behavior and this time it's GOP refusing aid to their own citizens. What the hell is next? And as you know this is coming from a Republican.