Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When Dimwits Attack!

The biggest new thing to happen in the political world is not political at all. It has nothing to do with legislation, the elections, and is tenuously related to foreign policy (at best). The story that has started to seep into the internet news cycle is that the White House was hacked by a group of spear-phishing Chinese computer geeks sometime last month. While the network that was hacked was unclassified, and there are no reports of the hackers actually stealing any data, many people are up in arms over this story.

You would think that a story like this would generate discussion on things like our computer safety, the growing problems with storing data electronically, and perhaps even the strained relationship between the US and China that will probably get worse as a result of this little incident.

But none of that is on the minds of Americans it seems. You know why? Because conservatives are too busy blaming Obama.

This is getting incredibly tiresome, but this particular story perfectly exemplifies the issue I have with the recent attacks on our President. How in the hell is this Obama's fault? Did he hack the white house? Did he tell them what to do? Did he allow it? Could he, personally, have stopped it? Ridiculousness runs unchecked through the ranks of the GOP electorate, as they pin a foreign cyber attack on their sitting President.

The Dimwits are attacking, people! They are coming out in droves to try and make a loose, patently illogical and incorrect link between Obama and the group that hacked the White House network. When I first read this story, I commented that Republicans would blame Obama, sort of as a tongue-in-cheek joke about the fact that they seem to blame everything on Obama (including hurricanes). What I hadn't counted on was that this would actually be the case. I feel as though I should have learned my lesson by now, and stopped underestimating the antics of the brainless conservative ideologue.

And you know what's even better? Crazies are making even more outrageous claims. I'm pretty sure at least one person suggested that Obama gave full access of the White House network to the Muslim Brotherhood. Another claimed that Obama was a chinese hacker! I cannot make this crap up, I'm sorry.

Do people really think this is constructive? Really? I mean, how does it reflect on our nation when roughly half the people are blaming Obama for something he clearly had not part of? Is this what they will say when a conservative gets back into office? If there's a conservative president, and their computer network gets hacked by the Chinese, will they say its the sitting president's fault? Will they? Did they (I couldn't find the actual news article, but the timeline is more comprehensive anyway)? This is not the first time we've been hacked, and probably won't be the last.

the larger point, of course, is that we really shouldn't be blaming the president for things beyond his control. Do people blame Clinton for the Oklahoma City Bombing, or for Columbine? Do people blame Bush for the computer hacks that occurred under his presidency? Not that I know of, nor should they. So why blame Obama? To me, it seems like people are just trying to find all the reasons they can to hate the President, no matter how far-fetchd or insane.

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