Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seeing it Different Ways

Poll after poll, study after study have all showed that Obama is pulling ahead of Romney, both nationally and in swing states. Florida is still close, but Romney is slipping in Ohio, and losing ground in other places too. Overall, it's not looking good for Romney.

Well, apparently, that depends on how you look at it. An op-ed written by Chris Stirewalt for Fox News, makes the argument that the polls are being skewed by the mainstream media to favor Obama. The argument is that this is being done to bolster democrats and dishearten republicans to try and push the election towards the incumbents victory.

And this isn't the first time this has come up, either. Republicans have been complaining about polling for ages, even when their own polls are showing the same trends. So....what's the issue? The issue, of course, is that their candidate seems to be sliding, and they don't want to believe it, so they're making up an alternative reality in which it's not the case.

And the Stirewalt op-ed brings up another point. He writes a brief paragraph that criticizes the president for not labeling the attack in Libya a terrorist attack, and calling it weakness. Stirewalt tries to use this as a way of claiming that Obama is playing it safe, letting the poll numbers speak for themselves, and is not going to do anything that will cause a debate. The interesting thing is, this is exactly what Romney should have done. Instead, he was loud and got himself in trouble. Romney made all kinds of statements, trying to generate a discussion that would skewer the president, and then ended up shooting himself in the foot, repeatedly.

None of that seems to matter, though. If you believe the polls are wrong, and believe that the nation favors Romney (the only evidence being that you personally favor him), then Romney is closing in on a decisive victory. If he loses, then it will be more evidence of voter fraud, bias, or something in our system, right? Like I said, It all depends on how you look at it.

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samp said...

Just one comment on this one. Why is the President so afraid of calling a terrorist attack a terrorist attack? That is exactly what it was in Libya and 4 Americans were assassinated during what the President called a "bump in the road" and not totally a mob action. Get some balls......tell it like it is. A terrorist attack no different that on the "other" 9/11. Against U.S. territory with deaths of American citizens. Pathetic Mr. President. Grow a pair.