Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ohio Voting

Finally found a story that didn't have to do with the debates. It has to do with early voting in Ohio. You may remember a while back when Republicans in the state were attempting to limit the hours that polling places were open for early voting statewide. That decision was challenged in court by the Obama administration, and two judges have now ruled it unconstitutional.

Here's the funny part. Republicans in the state a re complaining that the ruling puts the federal government in control of Ohio early voting practices. That's a lie. In fact, the ruling puts the authority to decide voting hours back into the hands of local governments. See, before the GOP tried to make statewide standards, the decision of how long a polling place remained open was left up to that polling place. So Republicans were trying to overrule local governments to prevent an estimated 93,000 people from voting.


samp said...

Frankly, I'm do not agree with early voting. Absentee ballots yes. However, as I see it just get up off the couch and get out and vote on election day. I'm not quite sure the purpose of early voting except to help those too lazy to take the time to get to the polls. Absentee ballots should cover that. However, absentee ballots should be counted earlier. I've heard that many are counted after the polling place ballots and many times after the election has been decided which indicates they don't count at all. Everyone's vote must count absentee or not. Anyway I'm sure a number of people out there will disagree with me. That's fine. I just don't see why we need early voting. GET OUT AND VOTE.

Chain-thinker said...

The reason early voting is important, in my opinion, is because many people have to work on election day, and can't afford to take that time off. I have worked with people who voted early because they knew they would not be able to on the actual day due to their schedule and needing to work.

samp said...

BS. They all work 12 or more hours every day? Most polls are open 7 Am to 7PM. Why not use an absentee ballot then. After all they will be absent. Also, a number of employers may allow employee to vote I would expect. I just don't see early voting. Even I worked crazy hours for years and never missed voting....at the polling place.