Thursday, October 25, 2012

Confusion in the Ranks of the Crazy

Let's put aside the thought that our election is drawing closer. Even without that looming date, we are seeing a lot of the same old, business-as-usual bullshit coming out of the conservative media and the talking heads. They seem to be tasting blood, and are working themselves into a frenzy over the possibility of taking over the White House and both houses of Congress in the coming days. Unfortunately for them, and interestingly for us, this fervor has led them to make some startling decisions, and some startling things. Here's a quick breakdown.

1. Despite evidence to the contrary, Paul Ryan is still claiming that his plan to move Medicaid to a block grant will save money and make the system better at the same time. Studies bt a number of agencies and groups have shown this isn't the case (and it makes little sense), but he's sticking with it. It's worth noting here that Ryan, in addition to cutting support to the states, wants each state to set their own standards and cut the national standards of care. This is important because, as I've noted before, there are many states who only do the bare minimum required by the federal government and its clear based on their history that they have no interest in helping people when they don't have to. At what point does the Republican mind switch and say that it is more ethical to help the people than it is to make people fend for themselves? Does it ever, in the case of Ryan?

2. In a similar vein, you may remember that Ryan also fought as the champion of the poor in other ways. For example, when he wanted to axe food stamps to help shore up defense spending. I'm curious to know how this plan is supposed to help the working class who are unemployed. Ryan also stated that he voted for the sequestration that brought around the defense cuts, but like all the other GOPers in Congress they balked at their own idea when the pain came. So, rather than biting the bullet, as it were, they tried to take all the cuts out of education and social programs. Things like this show just how much they care about the poor, and how long they've been working for them.

3. We're still seeing a writhing mass of insanity over this whole Benghazi tragedy. The newest conspiracy, put together by our very own Delusion Doctor, claims that the whole thing was orchestrated by Obama because we're giving guns to the Syrian and Libyan rebels. While there are some questions about the administration's handling of the situation, it's worth noting a few things. First of all, they were receiving information from who knows how many sources, all of them saying different things. The idea that they could take all of that and process it, tease out the entire truth, and present it within 24 hours is laughable. Second, I would point out that, following the 9/11/01 attacks, no one ever demanded this level of clarity and absolute truth from Bush, at least not as quickly, and any criticism of the POTUS at that time was labeled unpatriotic. So...what's the difference, aside from the party affiliation?

4. It may not seem so bad at first that a new bill in Pennsylvania requires rape victims to prove and report their rape in order to receive benefits for the children who a result of that crime. While the law states that a woman must report the rape, including the person's name if known, to police, it's worth noting that only about 53% of rapes are ever reported to police. You could argue that the point of this provision is to encourage victims to report. You could also argue that a victim who doesn't report has every right not to, but should not be denied support for that very personal decision.

5. Finally, as if we didn't have enough pointless political arguing going on, one poor guy has decided that his next big fight is going to be against having the U.N. in NYC. The reason for this is that a number of groups in the US (NAACP, ACLU among others) have petitioned the U.N. to send delegates to observe the voting on election day to ensure that there is no attempt to manipulate or defraud the system, or manipulate potential voters at the polls. This, of couse, has sparked outrage with Tea Partiers, who already think the U.N. is evil. It strikes me as a tad unstable, though, to attack one of the most prominent forums for world stability and peace that we have and say we should kick them off "American soil". Can't we think of some other things to waste our time and energy on? Really?

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