Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anyone got anything?

You know what I really hate about this time of year? Not the colder weather, not the frost on my windshield, and certainly not the political coverage. Oh, wait, that is something I hate about this time of year. And not just that it's so prominent, but that it's so focused on little things.

Take, for example, the coverage of the one and only presidential debate we've had so far. Since then, it's all anyone in politics has been talking about. It's been analyzed a thousand different ways, conclusions have been drawn from like nobody's business, and nothing else is getting done. There are no other stories in politics, save for the election. And now that the debate has been fading from people's minds, things are starting to shift...towards the next debate.

The problem with this time of year is that it is the perfect moment to get people involved in politics. The election is around the corner, everyone is suddenly interested to know something about their choices, the undecided voters are waking up from their four-year stupor and are trying to make a decision, and what does our media system do? Goes bat-shit insane over the tiniest thing that happened a week ago in a debate! That's all we've heard about for a week! Aren't there more important things to discuss? Shouldn't we be having a national conversation about the issues, instead of a national debate about who "won" the debate last week? Really?

But news agencies know that this is what people will tune into. They know that these debates will convince people to vote for a candidate based less on what the candidate said than on how they said it. So, all the analysis, and all the energy of our media, is devoted to a dissection of the style of each candidate, rather than the substance. And for all those people who are only just joining us in the political sphere for their once-every-four-years inclusion into the debate, it's a disservice.

So, no, I don't have anything else to talk about, because no one else is talking about anything. So, instead of talking about the same thing, I'm going to talk about their lack of talking about anything....Okay, I need to take a break. Seriously, though, this is getting out of hand. If we survived on information, we'd all be starving in the streets right now. Just when politics is getting to be interesting, and just as more people start paying attention, we start losing any semblance of interesting discussion or policy debate. Why aren't we focusing on getting people interested in politics long-term? Wouldn't that be more beneficial?

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