Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Age-Old Issues

One of the consistent issues that Romney and Ryan have been dealing with is their inability to get specific on any of their plans. Romney infamously said that, despite the economists and experts who say otherwise, his tax plan will not come at the expense of the middle class. Why? Because he said so. No other justification. No examples, no explanation, nothing. Just his conviction and promise. In last night's debate, Romney made similar promises, like making North America 100% energy independent in five years. He provided no details on how, no facts to back up his plan, and has yet to produce any credible evidence to show that this is possible.

This vagueness, this assertion that people can have everything for nothing, is not new. Romney and Ryan are perpetuating a trend as old as American politics itself. Having read some of The Federalist Papers, I can tell you that this is a theme even there.

And as if that weren't enough evidence, here's an interesting clip from Jon Stewart, which shows how this particular tactic has been used by the Right for many decades. Enjoy.

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