Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Polling the People

Just about every day, I make a point of visiting the Fox News website to see what they're running for political stories. Normally, it's a fairly interesting read, and I sometimes post links to their stories here. But every day they also have an un-scientific poll for viewers to jump in on.

During the Republican National Convention, each and every poll was things like "Who are you most looking forward to hearing," "Who do you think had the best speech last night," and "Do you think that the Romney campaign will get a bump from the convention?" It was clear from these that Fox was trying to get people fired up about the convention, and wanted people to be more involved in the speeches and rallying moments.

Now that the Democratic National Convention is starting, I was half-hoping to see a similar enthusiasm from the Fox News poll questions. Instead, we get this: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" And the resounding answer? Last I checked, some 87.9% said "no."

Is it just me, or does this seem a bit pathetic? I understand that Fox News is all pro-Republican and whatnot, but can't they at least try to appear non-partisan? Their headlines and articles are either anti-Obama or pro-Romney, and rarely if ever vice versa. The thing that really gets me is that it doesn't help people get a balanced look at the conventions. For all intents and purposes, they are the same. The party votes on platforms for the next four years, they have guest speakers, talk policy and platitudes, nominate their candidates, and then go home. Yet when it's the Republicans, it's like the rest of the world stops and we're all celebrating, whereas with the Democrats, it's like it doesn't matter in the slightest.

And another thing. Most of the other media outlets are going to be giving just as much airtime to the Democratic convention as they did the Republican. Granted, they spent more time on the lead-up to the RNC because of the hurricane, but they will likely be just as critical and just as interested for the Dems as for the GOP. And what will Fox have to say about this? Very likely, they'll complain that the Democrats are taking over the media, that there's so much coverage of the Dem convention, that the media is eating out of the Democrat's hands, and that they need to be even more focused on the protesters to the convention to even that out. Really? Do they not remember that, a week ago, they were falling all over themselves to talk about the Republican nominations and party platforms? They're acting like a child who was given an ice cream five minutes ago, gobbled it down, and is now throwing a tantrum because another kid has one that's exactly the same.

I don't mind if a media organization wants to be partisan, but they should be honest about it and should not expect other people to do what they want simply because they feel entitled. Fox has long been the spoiled brat of the media outlets, and it's high time they get placed in the corner for a time-out. This provides them with a great opportunity to do just that: if they can't say anything nice about the Democrat National Convention, don't say anything at all.

P.S. and it's not like the GOP was exactly upfront and honest during their convention. They made more outrageous claims, outright lies, and truth-stretches than most people have seen out of one gathering in a long time. Here's a humorous, but comprehensive, summary of just what happened at the convention.

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