Friday, August 24, 2012

Will We Survive?

Rush Limbaugh has made some interesting comments regarding a second term of the Obama administration. Normally, the extreme Right speaks of such a thing with overtones of apocalypse and complete collapse of our society as we know it. But Limbaugh seems to have gained a bit of reason, because he now says that America "could survive four more years of Obama."

Before you start thinking that Limbaugh is changing his tune on anything, be aware that he followed this up by expressing concern for the people who would vote to re-elect Obama, and wondered allowed how the Rigth should deal with this problem.

Well, if Limbaugh listened to Glenn Beck and his minions, he would know that there are ways of dealing with the majority of the American population. Beck and his drones have been going off about civil war, 2nd-Amendment solutions, armed rebellion for years now. They have decided that they alone have the authority to take back their country from the democratically elected leader that they don't like. It's really quite something.

So, what does Limbaugh's comment mean? Well, it means he hasn't changed, merely changed focus. Rather than getting his listeners to target the President with their anger, he wants them to focus on their neighbors and friends. He wants them to see that their fellow Americans are the problem. In a way, this is even worse. After all, one of the greatest failings of our government right now is that there is no compromise to be had. No one works with each other. And that works its way down to the people. No one listens to each other any more. It's all mud-slinging and name-calling. People are set in their ways, and don't feel they have to compromise. So, when Rush says that the people are the problem, those who listen to him are going to agree, and turn that into another reason not to work together. It's another barrier to compromise, which makes the whole situation worse.

So, we have Beck who wants an armed revolt, and Limbaugh who is telling his listeners that their Obama-supporting neighbors are what's wrong with America. This corruption of our public discourse is going to have some serious consequences going forward.

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