Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When these guys say it's over....

Todd Akin, the GOP candidate in MO who sparked so much controversy with his comments regarding rape and pregnancy, has vowed to stay in the race for the Senate seat. That is not for lack of trying by the conservative establishment and it's many celebrity pundits. Two voices that have spoken out against Akin continuing his campaign have raised my eyebrows, and made me wonder just what is keeping Akin in at this point.

One is Rush Limbaugh. You know, that guy who called a college student who wanted government help to pay for contraception a "slut" and demanded that she make videos of herself having sex so that the taxpayers would get something out of the deal? You know, that guy? Even he says that Akin's comments were "stupid." Mr. Akin, when Rush Limbaugh says that you crossed the line, I think you can assume he knows what he's talking about.

The other is Sarah Palin. Again, when Sarah Palin is telling you to drop out of the race for a position in government, it should tell you that you have about the same chance of winning as a man in a coma. Palin, of all people, seems to have more sense than Akin on this issue, and that should frighten what's left of the voting bloc that is still behind this guy.

But despite all of this, Akin is sticking it out. Despite the celebrity condemnation, the media firestorm, the threat of the RNC pulling funding and having his airtime cut off, Akin is staying in. Why? Not really sure, and neither is anyone else it seems. He's basically handing the election to McCaskill, who the Republicans thought would be the most vulnerable Senator for them to target. Now, it seems they're going to be sitting on their hands for another Senate session. One has to wonder what is going through this guys mind.

Out of all of this, I'm still trying to understand why Akin said what he did. Sure, he believes that kind of junk science as a way of promoting his position that rape need not be granted a special exemption in abortion bans. But, when he apologized, he specifically apologized for using the term "legitimate rape." He did not apologize for spreading a false claim about about rape and pregnancy. He did not apologize for trying to pass off personal opinion as evidence-based scientific fact. He did not apologize for ignoring the reality of the thousands of women who become pregnant by rape every year. No, he apologized for saying the word "forcible," and then had the audacity to complain that people were making too much out of this issue. This coming from a guy who clearly is missing the point of what people are upset about.

Akin, listen to Rush and Sarah. Listen to the most empty-headed noise-machines the GOP has to offer, and step out of the race. Better yet, stay in and guarantee a Democratic win. But regardless of your decision, try to understand why what you said is so disrespectful, uninformed, wrong, and misguided. Thanks.


samp said...

I agree. He is an ass. But like many politicians in both parties what keeps him from dropping out is his arrogance. He an egotistical, arrogant, buffoon, i.e. politician.

TinCanMan said...

Spot on about what he did and didn't apologize for. What he also failed to apologize for is his participation in the dangerous Dominion movement to establish a Theocracy in this country. Think women are treated worse than men in this country now? History has shown how poorly women fair under totalitarian religious rule. If there's any justice left, he'll be soundly defeated in the election.