Friday, August 31, 2012

Revolt of the Rich

Rarely do I find a piece of writing the so clearly lays out my own concerns and observations of what is happening in our society. Rarely is an article written that demonstrates the exhaustive problem of a nation divided by an ever-widening chasm of wealth. But this is one of those articles.

Mike Lofgren, of The American Conservative, wrote this astounding piece that dives into the plutocratic mindset of America's wealthiest citizens. He discusses the historical trend of the wealthy and powerful taking responsibility for their actions that lead to economic catastrophe, and how in generations past the general population was largely aware of the impact these big players had on our country. He also discusses how all of that has deserted us now, as the wealthy and well-connected shrug off their role in the economic collapse of the late 2000's, expect the government to blindly give them money and immunity from prosecution (to them, persecution), and have successfully kept their motives, intentions, and actions hidden from the greater public.

Lofgren goes on to paint a picture of the America that will result from these trends if they are allowed to continue:

"Those super-rich, in turn, aim to create a “tollbooth” economy, whereby more and more of our highways, bridges, libraries, parks, and beaches are possessed by private oligarchs who will extract a toll from the rest of us."

This is an absolutely plutocratic idea, and yet that is exactly the kind of system the super-rich seem to be going for. And while we have a large group of people who glorify the wealthy and never seem to acknowledge their faults, we will struggle against the continuous push of economic inequality, brought on by a system whose rules are slated to the rich and powerful.

And as if it weren't enough to have the wealthiest, most well-connected people in our country vying to control more wealth and power, they've succeeded in convincing the craziest bunch of self-destructive lunatics to join them. Too bad they didn't realize what a Pandora's box they were opening when they decided to pay for the Tea Party...

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