Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nothing can be Done

We're being told all the time that there are so many roadblocks to changing these things. We're then told that none of them matter. Our ADD-prone media system doesn't focus on a single story long enough for people to formulate opinions, or even consider long-term solutions to the problems. Take the recent mass shootings. People will largely be satisfied that the gunmen are soundly evaluated by psychiatrists and put before a jury that will find them guilty. But no one pays attention long enough for there to be a real discussion about the underlying causes of these things (and it's not just about guns). Those who do try to keep their focus on these big stories are told that they're being divisive, beating a dead horse, or that it's no longer relevent. But we can't hope to fix any of these problems with five-second soundbites.

And all of that comes back to voter apathy. People feel like they aren't informed, and so get tired of trying to keep up with the political stuff, especially when they're told that they don't reallly matter and that all their choices are the same. When the majority of undecided's don't vote, it leave the fringe groups more influence in the elections, leading to extremist officials running our country. People need to feel informed, empowered, and like they're part of our national discourse. These are real issues that need real solutions.

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samp said...

I will vote in the upcoming Presidential election in November which I have done since becoming eligible to vote at 18. I vote in local, state and national elections; both primary and general elections. I do feel lately however that no matter if there is D or an R behind the name they ALL the same...None really represent their constituents and their main focus from the day they are elected or reelected is getting reelection again...I don't trust any politician to be honest. But I firmly believe that if I didn't vote I'd have no right to complain. I think it was suppose to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people" As we all know it is now "of the government, by the government and for the government". Which I believe puts our democracy at great risk.