Tuesday, August 21, 2012

News of the Day

1. Mitt Romney picked up another endorsement this week in the form of the group Americans for Inequality. The satirical group's message is a call to support income inequality in America, and to teach others about the benefits of wide gaps between the wealthy and everyone else. No word yet on the Romney campaign's acceptance of this prestigious endorsement, but I think we can all guess what the response will be. No need to thank them Mitt, they're just happy to help!

2. Thought this was an interesting look at the poll numbers for Obama and Romney. Romney received no jump from adding Ryan to the ticket, which may indicate a lack of excitement over the pick. Either that, or the people they polled for this pay attention to politics and know what the Ryan choice means for the ticket...

3. Of course, there are other ways to try and predict the election. Like cockroach racing.

4. Is this too far to limit free speech? A former marine is detained after making violent comments directed at the government on his personal facebook page. Question: does the fact that this is a former marine have any bearing on this story? Apparently so, since it's been noted in every article to cover it. So, what do you think? Is this a limit on free speech, or a precaution to protect innocent lives? Not really sure myself...kind of a gray area. As usual, when I post links to The Blaze, I encourage you to read the comments.

5. If you pay attention, you've heard about the comments that Congressman Akin made regarding rape. It's caused a rift in the GOP, with some people supporting his continued run for office and others saying he should bow out. Either way, his comments were reprehensible and flat-out inaccurate. It speaks to larger view held by the vehemently pro-life community that has latched onto the conservative Republican and Tea Party groups. NPR had a great interview that talked about claims such as these, their history, and why they are made by those who represent pro-lifers.

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