Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Convention Contention

The GOP convention is officially underway, and already we're hearing some interesting things. Aside from the keynote speakers and pundits that have been delivering their stump speeches, we've had the opportunity to see how the Republican party is reshaping themselves for the next four years. As is traditional, the party has used the convention to vote on and adopt new planks to the party platform. While some of these are considered obvious additions, they have nonetheless grabbed the attention of some in the media, mostly because of how blatantly ridiculous they are.

For example, a platform was adopted by the party that calls for Republicans to pass a complete ban on all abortions, even in cases of rape, incest, and threat's to the health of the mother. So, Republicans, who only a decade ago were mostly content with the compromise that was in place (no federal funding of abortions, limited access except in cases of rape, incest, and health concerns), are now vehemently opposed to abortion in any circumstance. In other words, they are vehemently opposed to women's freedom to choose for themselves what is best for them.

But that's not the only eyebrow-raising thing that's come up at the convention. How about the GOP business owner who complained that the government didn't give him enough money? He was trying to make a point that government has interfered to much in business, and then went off on how Obama snubbed him and didn't give him any stimulus funds. Really? Which is it that you're more upset about?

And to add a little more insult to the injury of Republican voter-suppression efforts across the country, a court has ordered that the Texas redistricting plan has disenfranchised Latinos in a way that violates the law, and so has ordered the state to redraw the districting lines. This is an issue that's largely been ignored, though to be fair more interesting things have come up. However, the timing of this has been interesting, coming out at the same time as the convention.

So, we have folks complaining that the government is too big, then complaining that they aren't getting help from the government. We have a party that has publicly endorsed the elimination of a woman's right to make choices for herself. And we have a court that has ordered Republicans to stop disenfranchising minority voters. Over all, a great week for the GOP. What kind of things will they come up with next?

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