Monday, July 16, 2012


The hot topic that is targeting Romney right now is his experience with the investment firm Bain Capital. Recently, Romney argued that he left the firm in 1999, despite documents that show he was there until the early 2000's. This really doesn't matter much in terms of his business sense, but it does make one wonder about Romney's honesty about something as simple as his work experience. Couple that with Romney's continued refusal to release tax forms from previous years and the existance of several off-shore accounts in his name, and there are a lot of questions people are demanding Romney to answer.

This post on Political Irony presents Romney attempting to respond to the questions people have been asking, and a video of some 35 questions that Romney is asked to answer about his work experience. The videos are pretty interesting, especially the one with Romney where he clearly evades the questions being asked of him.

What I don't understand is why Romney would be tight-lipped about his private-sector business experience. Aside from his time as governor of Mass, this is the most important piece of his resume. Yet, it appears as though he has been less than forthcoming with information about what he did there, when he was involved, and when he left. Romney appears to be unwilling to discuss his own history, while at the same time arguing against the President's lack of transparency.

I don't agree with Romney's politics very often, but I still believe he should be considered as a candidate for president. The problem is, he's not starting off very well. Already, he's throwing up walls to block information about himself. Already, he's dancing around questions about his record. If this is what we can expect for the next several months, I'm feeling much better about Obama's chances.

One last point: if Romney wants to use his experience at Bain and as governor of Mass as centerpieces of his experience that qualifies him for the office of President, shouldn't he be upfront and honest about that experience? If he wants to claim those as successful jobs, shouldn't he be giving us detailed accounts of what he did? I certainly think so.

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