Thursday, July 19, 2012

Government in Business

Recently, Obama made the point that businesses don't succeed without government. This is true. Romney and conservatives fired back, stating that businesses succeed despite government. This is false. Christopher Hahn, who was brought onto Fox News to be attacked on all sides for supporting Obama's notion, did a great job presenting his case.

During the interviewHahn makes some good points. For example, the government stabilizes the environment in our country, making it easier to start and grow a business. The government provides for the national infrastructure that makes business possible. The government makes trade agreements that allow domestic companies to branch into international markets. All these things are possible because of the government. Business does not succeed on its own.

In the linked article, Hahn's assertions are scrutinized and found lacking. But here is just one example of the bias used in this assessment. Hahn made the point that Henry Ford would not have been successful if the government had not been building roads. The author of the article had this to say:

"The interstate highway system wasn‘t built until 9 years after Henry Ford’s death, and the model T was originally built and marketed before Woodrow Wilson was even President. If Hahn was trying to make the case that activist government creates an 'environment for success,' he was doing a poor job of it."

Here's the thing: Hahn never specified the interstate highway system. He simply said "roads." Is the author asserting that there were no roads in the entire country prior to the interstate highway system? And if there were, were these roads financed purely at the state and local levels? In other words, the author makes a critical error in logic by attempting to change the meaning of Hahn's words so that what he said was inaccurate.

And again, Obama's statement is accurate. No business can succeed without some support from government, and the bigger the business the greater the need for what the government can offer. Why do businesses lobby Washington if not for special treatment in Congress and favors from legislators? Why do they spend more to prevent a tax hike than they would have to pay in new taxes? Why do they infiltrate the government with lobbyists and special interest groups? Because they need government. They want it to work for them, but they need it to keep things moving smoothly. No business can survive in America without the support of government. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that government created those private sector jobs, I would also point out that Obama didn't go that far either. He merely pointed out that government is an essential factor in job creation.

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samp said...

I don't disagree that the government can help businesses. What I take exception to is the way Obama has wants and is beginning to create totally "dependent" United States of American. He slams those who are successful. He is trying to kill the American dream. Why would anyone want to put the effort in when the President of this great country tries his best to discourage it. We all know government helps but it's the individuals like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who keep America strong and the President wants to penalize them. I happen to believe that in spite of Obama's attempt to "steal", through increased taxes, a persons success & put them down there will be many who succeed. Good for them and shame on the President of United States. America will remain the land of opportunity notwithstanding the President's attempt to put down successful individuals and discourage their initiative. I'm sorry but truly feel that Obama is a socialist. Socialism has never been successful and Obama's stubborn socialist ideology is damaging America as we know/knew it which apparently is exactly what he wants. He has said as much a number of times. Frightful times for the greatest, most generous country on the face of the earth. God really bless American.