Thursday, June 28, 2012

Texas Education Plans

The GOP in Texas has outdone themselves once again. Not only are they pushing for abstinence-only education, and pro-Creationism in science classes. Now, they want corporal punishment in schools, and want to block students from learning critical thinking skills.

So, rather than pushing for a more comprehensive education plan that would encourage students to practice critical thinking, the GOP wants teachers to be allowed to hit kids in school, and doesn't want students to learn how to think for themselves. And they're reasoning? They claim that corporal punishment is effective and that teachers need more options for dealing with rule-breaking, and that kids should not learn how to think for themselves so that they are more likely to listen to their parents. Really? Those have to be the worst excuses I have ever heard for corporal punishment and teaching ignorance.

Because that's what this means. An education system that does not teach critical thinking skills is not an education system. It's a system that promotes ignorance, sheep-like behavior, and discourages students from learning how to use logic and critical thinking to make up their own minds. Ridiculous!

The Texas GOP has proven, once again, that they are not interested in education. They are not interested in imparting knowledge to students in their state. They are more interested in an ideological statement that is made on the backs of the most vulnerable citizens. They want teachers to be allowed to hit kids, yet they want parents to have more freedom to teach their children what and how they deem appropriate? How does that fit?

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