Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Idiocy in Action

This one really grabbed my attention. Seems a Mr. Chris Stolle of the Virginia State Legislature, is attempting to strike left-wing terms from a bill meant to fund a study on the impact of global climate change.

See, in Virginia, there has been a dramatic increase in coastal flooding due to the sea level rising. While we can surely have a debate over what is causing this, Mr. Stolle went a step backward and challenged the term itself. According to the lawmaker, the term "sea level rise" is a left-wing term, and we should ignore it.

As quoted from the article linked above, Mr. Stolle had this to say about his position:

"What people care about is the floodwater coming through their door... Let’s focus on that. Let’s study that. So that’s what I wanted us to call it.”

Here's the thing. That floodwater that people are concerned about (and rightly so) has been attributed, at least initially to....sea level rise. If the sea level is rising, people on the coast are going to experience more flooding. That's logical reality. Yet, for some reason, we're going to focus on studying the symptoms, not the root cause of the issue? Really?

And then the Tea Party gets involved, and screams about how this is just another ploy to suck money from the pockets of mild-mannered red-meat Republicans, and further control our water, air, lives, and everything else that could conceivably exist. I'm exaggerating of course, but that just means I'm ahead of the curve on their insane rhetoric.

Look, whether you like it or not, the Earth is getting warmer. How much more evidence do you need than the recent weather? This past winter, my area had so little snow that it was the first year without a snow day in....I believe forever. Then, we had 70 degree weather in FEBRUARY! Now, it's topping out at the 80's, and will probably be getting over 100 by the middle of the summer. Just for reference, I live in New England. This is not the weather I grew up with.

And if you know anything about science (which, Mr. Stolle, seems questionable), you would know that, when things get warm, things melt. Ice melts. Scientists have proven...proven beyond doubt that the ice caps are shrinking. All that extra water in the oceans is causing them to rise, which causes flooding in coastal areas. What you are apparently trying to do is get away with fixing the immediate problem while ignoring and denying what caused it. This is a lot like having your car towed everywhere you go instead of filling the gas tank. It makes no sense, and will only delay the point where you have to start dealing with the problem.

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