Friday, June 1, 2012

Cooking the Books

Florida has been doing something interesting in the name of preventing illegal voters from voting. They are purging names off of their voter lists that they suspect belong to illegals. But the fed has told them to stop. Why? Because the state has been purging people that are eligible to vote. The state decided to identify "illegal" voters by taking the voter roles and cross-referencing them with DMV records. The DMV was supposed to then look up possible illegals on the national database, but were told they were not allowed to. Instead of reworking the process, the state just started striking people from the rolls, including a WWII vet and a naturalized citizen who had been a legal resident for nearly ten years. What the Florida purge reflects is exactly why. Other ID laws are thought to be discriminatory. People targeted in this purge were targeted because they don't have a record with the DMV, which is not a requirement to be a registered voter. The state has claimed they need access to the DHS database on illegal immigrants to effectively target and remove ineligible voters, but there are legal deterrents to this request that need to be worked out. At a time when voter ID laws are being adopted across the nation, it's an ironic twist to see a state that has followed this trend further limit the rights of Americans by removing them from voting lists for no reason whatsoever. At what point does the solution to the problem become worse than the problem itself?

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samp said...

I have no problem with the voter regs after all you must be a United Sates citizen to vote; you're suppose to be speak English to become a U.S. citizen. So I do not have a problem with people having to prove they are eligible at the time they register to vote, including being placed under oath. Proof can be Natz Cert., US BC US Passport etc. NOT DMV or tax recoreds, etc. A great privilege and honor so people should not have an issue with proving they are entitled to excersise that privilege.