Tuesday, May 8, 2012

State Secrets

We were recently made aware of a failed attempt by Al Qaeda to blow up a US airplane using underwear explosives. The CIA reported that the plan was foiled after a months-long investigation. Considering the fact that American lives were saved here, shouldn't this be one of those things we can all agree to appreciate? Yeah, not so much. Apparently, some people in Congress are concerned that the Aerican people were not told about this investigation until the plan was foiled. After the years under Bush when the GOP were adamant that ignorance was bliss when it came to Americn anti-terror operations, now they are criticizing Obama for not telling the world what theCIA is doing to thwart terror plots. I don't think that we as citizens need to know what kind of things our government is investigating to keep us safe. I think we have a right to know what they are doing to us, but publicizing ongoing terror investigations is ridiculous. And calling for an investigation into how we were informed about a successful operation ignores the simple facts that it doesn't matter, it's still a victory, and we still found out about it after the fact. What would be accomplished by knowing about ongoing investigations? Wouldn't that compromise security if it was thrown to the media? Just say "thank you" and add this to the list of things accomplished while Obama has been in office.

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samp said...

I agree. It's nuts to "inform" the public on operations in progress to keep em safe. That's the best way to be unsafe. Hope those who are wanting an investigation this will reconsider.

Frankly, I wish Congress would do more of their elected business and less of this political postureing