Friday, May 4, 2012


Glenn Beck is funny. In a weird, CIA-conspiracy kind of way, he's rather entertaining. It's not until you realize that he's dead serious that you wonder whether he has all his eggs in one basket.

This is a prime example of the kind of paranoid scare-tactic type of information he gives his loyal listeners. Just the word "Forward" is turned into a code for communist, marxist radicals and exposes Obama as one of them. Now, just step back and think about this. The word "forward" might not be the most common in everyday language, but we still use it on signs, in books, and many other places. If Obama's new one-word slogan was something like "Regime" or "Marx," then Beck may have a point. But using the word "forward" means absolutely nothing in and of itself. Beck tries to come up with evidence to support his claim, but to me it kind of falls flat. Mostly, this is because it's so nonsensical.

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