Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News of the Day

1. An interesting article by the Huffington Post looks at the approximately 2,000 people who have been exonerated for crimes after the evidence against them was found to be faulty or misleading. While that's nowhere near the number of people who are sent to prison every year, it should give us pause to consider the implications of so many innocent people being put behind bars.

2. An article in Buzzfeed highlights the ongoing "race war" being waged in conservative media. I have been following conservative sites long enough to know that there is a definite undertone of inequality to a lot of what they post. It's not always race-related, but it sometimes is. As I said in my previous post, check the stories and especially the comments that are posted on conservative news sites. They could shock you.

3. Facebook went public last Friday, which started with much fanfare, and is now resulting in an immense hangover for all those who invested a little to heavily on the stock that was supposed to be the next Google IPO. As of today, Facebook has dropped again, meaning the roller coaster has continued for a third straight day of trading, wreaking havoc on the wallets of serious investors. The controversies surrounding Facebooks privacy settings, and ongoing concerns of how Facebook uses the information you post to attract advertisers, is likely a big factor into why the stock has been so wobbly.

4. The President recently announced that US troops would begin withdrawing from Afghanistan soon, and that our "war" would end by December 31, 2014. That seems like a long timetable but, as you might expect, there are quite a few people voicing concerns over this. In particular. This drawdown will mean that Afghan security forces will be taking a more direct role in keeping the peace and security of their country, similar to Iraq. Another issue, as the link above points out, is that we will likely be funding Afghanistan security forces after our departure, meaning long-term defense spending will be used overseas and will be a hot-button political issue for quite some time.

5. This one is just silly. Last week, Notre Dame sued the Obama administration over the contraception "mandate" in the health care bill. This week, other catholic institutions are following suit. As anyone who pays attention should be aware, the so-called contraception "mandate" has a) already been watered down for religious institutions, b) does not affect the institution itself, and c) still leaves the choice of whether to use contraception up to the woman, who should be the one making that decision anyway. All the law states is that insurance companies must cover contraceptives in their plans. A change to the law made an exemption for religious institutions, but not the companies that provide their health care. To me, it seems as though the Catholic church is trying desperately to control the decisions that their employees can make. Shocking.

6. This one is mostly for the comments, if you have the time to read them. The story itself is another conservative pastor making waves with another inflammatory speech about the LGBT community.

7. Finally, here's a fun little comic to read. Enjoy!

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