Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

I know it's a day late, but I wasn't near a computer yesterday to post this. I wanted to take a moment and say "thank you" to all those who have served, are serving, will serve, and especially those who have died for this country.

I probably don't say this enough, but I love America. It's not perfect, but it's an amazing nation. For hundreds of years, Americans have fought and died to preserve freedom and unity domestically and abroad. We have gone from a small collection of coastal territories, into a small collection of unified states, into the greatest nation this world has ever known. We have not always been the most honorable, and at times we have been on the wrong side of history, but we have always perservered and made ourselves better and stronger with time.

On Memorial Day, we celebrate our brave men and women who have fought for us throughout our history. Those named and unnamed heroes who have shed their blood, who have been wounded on the field of battle, and who have supported and tended to our active soldiers are the heroes of a great nation. They are the reason I can write the things I do with protection. They are the reason we have debate, the reason we have a government, the reason we have a nation. They are our staunch protectors.

I would like to extend a personal "thank you" to those who serve now and have in the past that I know personally. There are quite a few of you. I'm honored to know you, and to know that you risked much for my freedom. I won't forget, and I have unending gratitude for your service and sacrifice.

God Bless America.

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