Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pervasive Craziness

Usually, there are one or two stories a week about something truly nuts that somebody has said. This week, we've had two in about 24 hours.

The first is thanks to Allen West, who made the erroneous assertion that there were up to 80 Democrats in the House that were members of the Communist Party. West said that these Democrats were part of the Progressive Caucus, which has been publicly endorsed by the Communist Party. What West fails to understand is that, just because people are part of a group does not mean that they are party to every group that endorses it. If that were the case, every person in Germany would be considered a Nazi. The reason they're not is because we understand that the German government and the people who are German citizens are separted ideologically from the Nazi party that was once strongly affiliated with the government. But West's comments show just how oblivious some leading conservatives are about their fellow lawmakers. It shows a major disconnect with reality to suggest that 80 Democrats are Communists. As Barney Frank said, Joseph McCarthy himself would not have suggested that.

The second statement comes courtesy of Mr. Glenn Beck. During yesterday's radio program, Beck had a tough time with the bowing out of Rick Santorum. Beck, who was a strong Santorum supporter, had to backtrack and throw his support behind Romney, and made a joke about it by saying he had always supported Romney and had just been kidding when he criticized him. The craziness, however, came when Beck suggested (more than once) that there may not be a 2016 election if Obama is re-elected. In fact, there may not be a country anymore. Beck seemed to think that it was highly unlikely that there would be a country if Obama is reelected. The insanity of this, and the fervor with which Beck believes it, just reminds me of how utterly crazy the man is. Here is a guy who believes absolutely that America will be dissolved in four years, that Obama is the linchpin in a decades-long conspiracy to destroy America, and that we are a single election away from losing our freedom. I've heard a lot of crap that was meant to drum up support for one politician or another, but to invoke fear about the end of America if Obama is reelected is just a little bit way over the top.

Overall, it's been an interesting week for crazy shit that people say. At this rate, I'll have a lot of stuff to chat about for a while.

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