Monday, April 30, 2012

News of the Day

1. There's been some talk about a particular op-ed from the Washington Post which points a great big finger at the GOP for being the source of many issues plaguing Congress. The opinion piece, written by Thomas E. Mann and Norman Ornstein, has received mixed reviews (as you can imagine), but what they have to say is very encouraging. Even if they felt that the Dems were the issue, their point that we should expect our media to be realistic in its outlook on politics rather than "fair" is well taken. After all, if we say that we have to indulge the beliefs of an extreme fringe group in order to be fair, we can't critique that group effectively anymore. I highly recommend this article for some great reading and insight.

2. Paul Krugman has been making headlines, this time for his continued criticism of Ben Bernanke and the Fed. Krugman points out that Bernanke, instead of following his own good advice in how to help the economy, has lost his way by attempting to preserve the Fed and its solvency. Rather than pass unpopular plans, Bernanke is trying to keep the Fed at the forefront of making financial decisions, even at the expense of the economy.

3. A win for Planned Parenthood today, as a Texas judge ordered that the state could not cut off funds to the provider. The order is meant to be temporary until the judge can hear arguments on the case. While the law was meant to target abortion providers, it also ended up cutting funding to a number of PP clinics that did not perform abortions. The argument in defense of the block is that it violates the rights of the organization to be denied funding at one location because of the actions at another.

4. And finally, in the world of wacky science, global warming is now something that conservatives can get behind. Why? Because it's caused by....wind turbines! That's right; apparently, a new study has found that wind turbines heat the air and ground around them, which is leading to global warming. Unfortunately, this fails to explain how they are contributing to global warming. If all it takes to contribute to global warming is to slightly increase the temperature of the air around you, humans are guilty of contribution simply by the fact that we are alive. Our own body heat causes the air temperature around us to increase, so isn't that a contributing factor? The article is a great attempt to make this sound like a significant problem, but don't be fooled.

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