Wednesday, April 11, 2012

News of the Day

1. Housing Chief Edward DeMarco has said in the past that he is unwilling to allow homeowners to forgive their debt to mortgage companies, even after those same companies have asked him to allow this. It turns out that forgiving the debt of those with mortgages actually means the company will get more money, since they don't have to worry about their customer going into bankruptcy. DeMarco's stance is especially contentious as many economists say that the housing market is a major drive of our economy. If that's the case, this position is a direct drain on said economy.

2. Insanity rolls on in Arizona, this time over abortion rights. A new bill passed by Arizona defines life as beginning before conception. I don't even want to think about the legal and ethical ramifications of this legislation. It means a woman can be considered pregnant at any given time. A woman can be considered pregnant, even when she is not trying to conceive and has no plans to do so. What could this mean for women's rights? How does a woman advocate for herself when the law states that she is in a constant state of pregnancy?

3. There was a sign today that there may be some brain cells in The Donald's hairdo today. Unfortunately, it was a false alarm. Donald Trump expressed yesterday morning that the Paul Ryan budget plan is "catastrophic". When I heard about it, I thought that we'd finally seen a break in the lock-step of the GOP and their affiliates. Sadly, it was for nought. It turns out that Trump has no problem with the content of the plan, but was very upset with how the plan was unveiled. Trump believes it will be political kryptonite to GOPers for some time, but funnily enough claims its more because of when it was produced than what it contains. Not sure how that works...

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