Monday, April 2, 2012

Game Change

Over this past weekend, I finally sat down and watched Game Change, the movie about Sarah Palin's rise to fame in American Politics. I wasn't all that interested in it at first, and thought it was going to be an over-dramatized film that had little basis in reality. Prior to watching the movie, I'd heard many Palin supporters were not happy with her portrayal in the film, and felt that it showed her in a negative light.

Well, I will say that Game Change certainly did that. While Julianne Moore, who played Palin, did an outstanding job, the film was not a glowing tribute to the contentious woman. In fact, it portrayed her as being an attention-seeking, emotionally and mentally unstable person who clashed strongly with the people around her. It showed her as being completely uninformed about even basic topics of national and international importance. Beyond that, the movie portrayed Palin as being dedicated to her family, her career, her state, and her country. That much can't be denied.

Despite the naysayers claiming that this was a biased view of Palin, I have to say that I think it's pretty accurate. Considering the things that Palin said, the way she acted (and continues to act) all point to a person who is attention-hungry, manipulative, and mildly unstable. I know a lot of people revere her and think she is an amazing person. In many ways, her story is the true American story. She came into national politics as an unknown and has become a symbol of the conservative movement. She's loved by the Tea Party, and is credited by some for laying the ideological groundwork for that movement.

But only the most ardent supporters can ignore the fact that Palin is woefully misinformed about particular issues. As the movie suggests, she is simply reciting lines, not actually making logical arguments on her own. She is the perfect puppet because she wants to be a leader, but doesn't have anything in her own mind that will get her there. This is why I will never support Palin. She is a mouthpiece for the ultra-conservative mantra of our country. She is the bastion of rational ignorance, and does nothing to help herself. In fact, her supporters have tried changing the facts of history to suit her rendition of the truth in order to legitimize her; this, rather than demanding she know what she is talking about.

Overall, I felt the movie was very well done, very well acted, and probably very close to the truth of how things went. I remember watching Palin on television and thinking that she was simply a smiling face to put before the camera. But she has become an entity all her own, and the things that define her as a terrible politician (in my opinion) are the same things that resonate with her supporters.

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