Monday, March 26, 2012

You can't make this up

While the story here is questionable, the reason I post it is to draw attention to the comments on the parent site. The Blaze, which is an arm of Glenn Beck's media group, posted a story that has been somewhat underreported by other media.

The story centers around comments that Obama made to a Russian official during his time in Seoul. The comments were along the lines of Obama saying that he would have more flexibility to work with Russia after his election, and that Vladimir Putin needed to give him space at the moment. While these comments seem pretty harmless in the sense that Obama has been an outspoken supporter of reducing our nuclear missile stockpiles along with Russian, The Blaze takes it in a slightly different direction.

What's interesting here is how much the readers on this website take away from the story. It is historical fact that most President's push harder for their core policies in the second term, since they no longer face a reelection bid. The comments on the article, however, reflect a group of people who are seeing these comments as a clear indication of a militant future, a possible civil war in America, and aggressive racial tactics pushed by this administration. These comments also seem to point to overly aggressive solutions to these issues.

Here are some choice comments that I found:

"After 4 more years of Obama the only choice left for conservatives to save this nation will be a revolution. With freedom on the line it could get very ugly – probably the end of our country as we know it."

When will the officers of the US Armed Forces going to more against this Traitor. We are at war and the Commander of the Armed forces has conspired with an enemy of the American people. Impeachment does not have any penalty, conviction of Treason does."

"This amounts to treason. Will this story be heard on TV and radio. Begin impeachment before this racist destroys everything."

And last but not least:

"The arrogance of the Marxist POS heathen knows no bounds and I’m sure the dems with their union thug pigs will be engaging in voter fraud to ensure the Marxist heathen four more years of tyranny.The democrat party is the communist party,F U all and burn in hell you filthy maggots."

Clearly, there are some disjointed people out there. And things like this don't make it any better. These same people claim that the Obama administration is literally going to take over everything. While the text of the executive order makes no such claim, I can see how people who are so unbalanced could take it that way.

I find it extraordinary that there are people so incredibly hostile towards our President. While I can respect and understand people who don't like him (I don't even like all of his policies), blatant violent hostility towards Obama is profoundly concerning to me. I think that you can debate a politician in the political realm, and you can argue for an alternative point of view, but to openly suggest that the President of the United States is planning to launch a second Civil War is insane.

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