Friday, March 2, 2012

A worthless human being

Recently, Rush Limbaugh has gotten himself in the news again over outrageous comments he's made in reference to Sandra Fluke being a "slut". For reference, this goes back to the Congressional hearings on whether birth control and contraception should be covered by the health plans of religious institutions. Darrell Issa, who chaired the committee that held the hearings, allowed a panel that consisted solely of men from religious institutions or backgrounds to testify, but denied Fluke who was the sole witness subpoened by the Dems and the only person called to testify in defense of the legislation. The choice by Issa to deny Fluke a chance to speak at the hearing became a rallying call for Dems and supporters of the legislation, and was pointed to as a clear indication that the Right was not interested in democratic process when it came to this debate, but would simply steamroll their way to a vote. Fluke has since made her comments known by speaking solely to Democrats who gave her an audience.

Limbaugh's comments have sparked at least as much ire as the Issa hearing. But instead of backtracking, Limbaugh in his usually forward stance, jumped in with even more despicable comments, this time aimed at all the female students from Sandra Fluke's school.

Others have criticized Limbaugh very harshly for his comments, and 75 Congressional Democrats sent a letter to Boehner demanding that he condemn the comments as outrageously offensive.

The problem here, though, is two-fold. First, Limbaugh is wildly popular with the extreme Right, and Republicans in Washington are hesitant to criticize him, lest they wind up out of office in retaliation. Second, the issue on mandatory birth control coverage has become a major issue in the election campaigns of the GOP candidates. Because this is such a hot-button issue, comments like Limbaugh's become lines drawn in the sand. People who support the "religous freedom" fallacy of these arguments flock to him and his ilk, while the rest of us try to talk some sense into them. The issue has now moved beyond whether someone's freedom is being infringed upon or not. It has become a slanderous name-calling cat-fight designed to inflict as much damage as possible for everyone involved.

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samp said...

I agree. Rush stepped way over the line this time.

I do however, disagrees that it's religious "fallacy" as you say. I find it to be a direct assault on the right to practice your religion without government interference. Are you ready for the government to do away with anymore of YOUR constitutional rights? I'm not.