Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Test your Health Care Know-how

With the SC gearing up for a debate on Obama's Health Care bill, I thought it would be nice to see how much people really know about Obama's bill. So, fresh from Politifact, here is a little test to see what you know, or think you know, about HCR.

Personally, I only got about half of those right, so I hope others out there do a bit better. It's been said that, despite the conservative majority, opponents of the HCR law will have a tough fight ahead of them. Not only are they trying to undo a piece of legislation that is at least partially very popular, but they are also attempting to do this while the POTUS who signed the legislation into law is still sitting in office. That's never happened successfully before.

Even some conservative judges have ruled that the law is constitutional, and they are quoted in the article. The argument for constitutionality seems like it will stem from an argument that it is lawfully within the powers of the government to regulate or mandate something that affects interstate commerce.

There are a lot of questions about HCR and I think that the bill is far from perfect. However, it fixes many of the problems we have with health care, and I have yet to hear of a better alternative from any politician in the race for the White House. If there is a better system out there (I like the idea of single-payer, personally, but it'd never get through Congress), let's hear it.

UPDATE: Also from Politifact, here is a breakdown of the claims about HCR that have been rated "false" or worse. Interesting list, and they do their best to provide source material for each of these claims.

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