Tuesday, March 27, 2012

News of the Day

Today on the news networks, it's all HCR. Very little is being said about other stories, and those that are being covered are mostly fluff. So, in the interest of expanding the discussion to other topics (I'll probably update on the Health Care battle later), here are some other stories that I thought it was worth mentioning.

1) A new documentary by the same group who exposed Wal-Mart now aims at the Koch brothers, outspoken supporters of conservative interests. The documentary is meant to shed light on the vast empire that brothers have created, and expose how they spend their money to influence policy across the nation.

2) More information is now coming out about banking practices that may be less than legal. According to an article published by CNN, banks have been tampering with their lending rates to attract investors. Normally, lending rates are set by the banks and approved by an independent party. In this case, the banks were setting up lending rates that were unsustainable, but that netted them millions in profits.

3) You know what? Health care is just too big a story at the moment. Because of this, I will stop here and reconnect when the transcript of the day's events is released. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

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