Monday, March 26, 2012

The Supreme Court VS. HCR, Day 1

Today was the first of three days of deliberation on the health care law in the Supreme Court. Today's discussion was on whether there was a case to be brought before the SC at all. In most cases, there has to be some harm that's been done to somebody in order for a lawsuit of this type to be filed. However, the piece of the law that is questionably constitutional (the Individual Mandate) has not gone into effect yet. Therefore, no one has yet been "caused harm" by the bill. Those who are set to defend the bill will likely make this argument, though it's not expected to get them very far. At best, it will mean dismissing this case until 2014, when the mandate goes into effect.

For a full transcript of today's proceedings (if you have any inclination to read them), look below.

Supreme Court Health Care Law

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