Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Executive Overreach

Recently, Eric Holder claimed that the President has the authority to order the assassination of American citizens who have ties to terrorism without any kind of judicial proceedings or oversight. In some ways, it's a way to show that Obama is tough on defense and national security, which his record should prove to just about anybody. But this decision is a major overreach of executive power, and one that could have serious consequences for American foreign policy and homeland security.

In the past, the US has not allowed the POTUS or any other official to order the assassination of American citizens, regardless of their affiliation with terror organizations. A person's nationality has always trumped affiliation to various groups around the world. But the question on many people's minds is, where does this new executive power end?

Could Obama conceivably call for the assassination of American citizens with ties to the KKK, or Weather Underground? Even if they are residing on US soil? What about people who are affiliated, but only as part of the Cheney Doctrine?

And, what about another President? What if Santorum ends up in the White House and has this power at his disposal? Who will he target? Abortion Doctors? Homosexuals? It may sound extreme, but this executive power is extremely vague and generalized. Like so much, it is open to interpretation. The only fact is, this power grants the President the ability to target anyone they deem a threat to national interests. Whether those interests are social, political, or personal is left open.

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