Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Craziness is Coming

1. A great piece by a woman complaining about the various laws that have been coming up to restrict access to abortions, contraception, and preventative health care for women. Very well written, and it touches on some of the most outrageous bills being considered across the nation. While the Right calls it a war on religion, and the Left calls it a war on women, the fact is that the debate over contraception shouldn't be happening at all. It's a ridiculous fight to have, particularly since contraception directly reduces the need for abortions, something social conservatives find abhorrent.

2. A week or two ago, a racially-suggestive anti-Obama bumper sticker went viral. The bumper sticker's designer has since come out in defense of the design, saying it is not racist. According to the creator (you cannot make this up), the bumper sticker is not racist because, even though it invokes the N-word targeted at Obama, the dictionary does not list "racial slur" as part of its definition. Funnily enough, that's not exactly accurate. Or even accurate at all.

3. As usual, Evangelicals say the darndest things. This is especially true when they are introducing someone equally insane and doubly public, such as Rick Santorum. Pastor Dennis Terry offered some kind words for the presidential candidate just before his mental filter malfunctioned. The pastor went on to say that, among other things, the US was founded as a Christian nation, and that people of all other faiths should leave. He also said Liberals should be part of the exodus as well. The idea that America is a profoundly Christian nation is backed by studies into the religiosity of American Citizens, but it's patently false that America was founded to be a "Christian Nation" in a socio-political sense. Pastor Dennis ought to do a little more reading of history before making these claims.

4. A great kick-in-the-head piece from CBS points out how our national debt has grown in the last few years, and is slated to continue growing at diminishing speed. At this point, it seems the best politicians can hope for is a debt that will simply rise slower. There are, of course, ways to correct this, but they would spell political suicide if they were enacted and politicians are more concerned about their own power and privileges than the debt of the nation it seems. There could either be massive spending cuts, massive revenue increases, or a combination of the two. Those are the three options. The only thing to decide (and apparently the crux of the issue) is just which path to take, and by how much. Studies have shown that none of the Presidential candidates, Right or Left, have a plan that will eliminate debt increase, not even Ron Paul.

5. Lastly, GOP leaders released their version of a budget for the upcoming FY. Of course, the budget is more symbolic at this point, but what it does is essentially everything that Obama and the Dems would refuse to do. It guts food stamps and Pell grants, reforms Medicare into a voucher system, and balances this with - you guessed it - tax cuts.

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