Friday, February 10, 2012

Burning Water

I found this video that somebody linked to on a message board today, and I think it's worth a look. The guy in the video lives in an area where there has been hydrofracking to release natural gas deposits. Politicians these days have been fighting over whether this is safe, with the GOP largely ignoring the concerns of the science community and embracing fracking as a new cheap, efficient technology for retrieving natural gas.
The Republican candidates for President have all been complaining about environmental regulations. They have talked about dismantling the EPA, rolling back protections for forests and wildlife. They have said that they want to open up all of America for oil drilling to help us attain energy independence. My question to them would be this: how do you justify that view when we have people whose tap water ignites?

The problem is that, while science warns us to the dangers of fracking and extensive oil drilling, there's still plenty of money to be made. Despite the fact that people now have flammable water coming into their homes, fracking continues. Reports of this no doubt have been sent to various health organizations and the companies, but I've not heard anything about this at all. Shouldn't this be a story in the news?

At this point, it is still profitable, and there is still little being said or done to stop it, so fracking and extensive drilling will continue. But I wonder what will happen if/when people start getting sick or start dying? What will happen when it's too late? And isn't the health and safety of American citizens more important than profits? I certainly think so.

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