Friday, February 24, 2012

All Apologies

Republicans have been saying that Obama goes around the world and apologizes for America. Recently, it was found that US troops had burned a number of qurans at a military base. Obama apologized to the Afghan President when this news broke, but not before an Afghan soldier shot and killed to US soldiers.

The reaction from the Right was swift. Gingrich in particular had some choice words about the POTUS, including "he is consistently apologizing to people who do not deserve the apology of the president of the United States period."

So, the question is, should Obama have apologized for the quran burning by US troops? Well, considering the outcry from the Muslim world over this issue, I would say yes. Considering the fact that two soldiers died as a direct result of this, I would say yes. Obama was attempting to be diplomatic, and probably saved lives by issuing his apology.

What worries is me is this sentiment that America does not need to apologize to anyone for anything. It's a disastrous mentality that, among other things, could jeopardize national security. Look at what's happened because of these quran burnings. Thousands of protesters taking to the streets. Is that a safe place for our soldiers? Does it bode well for our national security?

And turn the tables. If we found that Afghan soldiers were burning Bibles at their military bases, would there be an outcry here? Absolutely. We'd likely see politicians on the air demanding an apology, and wondering why the President doesn't do something. We'd probably see demonstrations from Christians, and likely some holy book burning as well. So, if it's likely that we would react with shock and anger at the desecration of the Bible, why is it that people like Gingrich can't seem to understand what the burning of the quran means to Muslims?

The final point, of course, is to consider what would happen if Gingrich had been in the White House? It sounds as though he would not apologize to Afghanistan, which would likely prompt a much greater backlash over the burning of the Muslim holy book. It's acts of this kind of disrespect that trigger terrorist organizations. Following the Iraq Invasion, Al Qaeda saw a jump in recruitment. Why? Because American soldiers were killing a lot of Iraqi citizens, and their family members were seeking justice. With something like quran burning, the number of recruits to terrorist organizations will probably go up as Muslims seek retribution for the disrespect they've been shown. How does that not impact our national security and the stability of the Middle East?

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samp said...

Sorry man, I disagree with your assessment. IF an apology was necessary and don't believe it was, it should come from the State Department i.e. Secretary of State not the President. That's called diplomacy not "please forgive me for being bad"...

I feel that this president has weakened the U.S. in the eyes of the world and I feel that that is a much greater threat to national security. I don't buy the argument that if the Taliban had burned the bible we'd want the same thing....maybe...but would be we riot in the streets, shouting death to Afghanistan. I think it a huge mistake for the President of the United States to go around the world apologizing for any of our actions. We are the greatest most generous country on the face of the earth and we do not need to apologize for that. Further, no amount of apologizing will ever satisfy or appease these radicals ever...and to try and do so weakens the U.S. position in the world and puts us at greater risk from emboldened radicals bent on forcing Sharia law on the world. Scary. BTW did you see any woman in those protests? Why not? I would hope that most Americans see this as a weakening of the U.S. not to mention it puts our troops on the ground there in even more danger if that's possible. Bad decision..from which I hope we can recover quickly. What was Obama thinking? Big mistake.