Monday, January 23, 2012

Six of one....


A great cartoon here depicting the hilarity of the GOP's reaction to Obama shelving the pipeline project.

Obama has put forth a number of bills to help bring jobs to America. He's proposed high speed rail projects, increased spending on construction and infrastructure through stimulus, and direct tax incentives to businesses who hire. Throughout all of this, the GOP has put its foot down and stopped it. But when the GOP pushes a pipeline that Obama blocks, they attack the President for not supporting job creation.

And there are a number of reasons why this is annoying. The XL pipeline, for one thing, may create jobs but would not help our dependence on foreign oil as some have said. Second, government agencies had not yet finished their required paperwork to make sure the pipeline would be safe and non-invasive to the environment. It's those nasty regulations creeping up again. But perhaps the most telling thing is that the governor of Nebraska has actually given permission for the pipeline and started construction in certain parts of his state. The problem, though, is that those in Nebraska did not like the original plan because of where the pipeline would fall.

So, the State Department hasn't finished it's job, the state has already started some construction work, and teh GOP is still not happy because what they knew would happen all along happened: Obama said he wouldn't support it.

As the cartoon points out, this is a bit of a hypocritical point for the GOP to make, since they stimied Obama's job-growth plans for years, and even congratulated themselves on stopping Obama's bills when they knew they would help the economy. They also knew full well that this pipeline was not going anywhere, yet they have continually railed against it for two reasons. First, it's a great talking point, and can be used a la Solyndra as many times as needed. Second. it gives them a bargaining chip. On its own might not be worth much, but because of the "public outcry" over it, it has become a major part of the talks in Washington. It's been tied to tax bills, giving the GOP a way to say that Obama is against his own tax cuts as well as jobs. In short, it's a pundit's dream.

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