Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Long and Winding Road

A great article by Andrew Sullivan in Newsweek, which has attracted criticism from some Obama detractors. Ironically, the criticism has mostly been about Sullivan himself, not the article's contents, so I leave it to you to decide whether it's legitimate critique or character assassination.

The point that Sullivan makes in the article, which runs 4 pages on the site, is that Obama has been playing a 2-term political game. He's not been doing these short-term gains and big blowout political moves to get brownie points with his base. He's been slow, deliberate, and direct, and that strategy is paying off. The great thing about the article is that it goes right down the list of issues that Obama has tackled. It even points out how the extreme Leftists have been criticizing Obama for not being their Liberal Liberator.

This last point is worth mentioning since the Right has been criticizing the POTUS throughout his term as being an extreme leftist. If  this is the case, why is the extreme Left upset with him? The fact is, Obama has done a very good job on a number of issues. While I don't agree with him on everything (see my last post and the link there for examples), he's done very well with what he stepped into, and I believe that his strategy has worked.

That means, though, that he will only have accomplished half his goals if he is booted in November. I, for one, believe that he should have a second term to continue his work. No doubt it will be difficult, especially when the sole purpose of the GOP has been to oust him since 2010. But if anyone can work their way to victory, it's Obama. His slow, measured, purposeful pace will annoy some, but it will get results. And while he's keeping his head down and refraining from making a fool of himself, his opponent(s) will self-destruct.

It may take a long time to fully appreciate what Obama has done to help our economy and society. It may very well be that the propaganda against him will win out and he'll be labeled a failure of a president. But I don't think so. He has enough successes under his belt already to at least deserve positive mention in history books. And if he continues for another four years, I'm willing to bet we'll see his end-game come to fruition in a way that helps lift this country closer to prosperity. Just don't count on it being acknowledged by the Right...or the Left.

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