Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Higher education, lower results

An article by the Huffington Post recently discussed Mitt Romney's views on higher education. Romney's views may not be the greatest, but what astounded me were the statistics that the article boasts.

We've been hearing a lot about how college education costs are going way up as states cut back community college funding. Yet, as the article points out, for-profit schools still charge five times more. And, less of their money goes towards helping students. More and more is going towards administrative and executive paychecks, not to student welfare and programs. It's the same problem that private businesses get into: giving all their money to the top, and letting those at the bottom suffer.

It's an interesting problem, especially since many conservatives have problems with community colleges, cite their rising tuition as evidence of their failing, and strongly promote private, for-profit, and more expensive schooling.

It's the same problem that faces public schools at the moment: states cut budgets, which reduces school effectiveness, which is used as carte blanche by some politicians to promote private and charter schools. It's crazy to suggest that private institutions should be compared to public ones, and that the public ones should be found lacking, when the same people who make these comparisons are the ones that promote cutting the budgets of the public schools in the first place.

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