Friday, January 13, 2012


Despite the strides we have made to extinguish racism, discrimination, and their twisted siblings, this article shows how far we have yet to go. Groups like Youth for Western Civilization prove that there are still hurdles to stopping discrimination, and that when these groups are legitimized (such as by being a noted co-sponsor of CPAC), their views are legitimized simultaneously.

There is a reason that Nazism is not tolerated in America. Sure, people have the right to express that personal belief, but to do so openly is about as socially suicidal as you can get. People denounce organizations like the KKK and the Nazis because of their discrimination and hate, but also because if we don't make a point of denouncing them, it is as if we condone their actions and beliefs.

The YWC is an advocate for reducing "multi-culturalism" and claim that it is the bridging of cultural divides that is destroying all of western civilization. Like so many groups whose views are thinly veiled avenues of hatred, they say that the world is spinning out of control, and that we must stop our progression towards common ground and mutual respect to regain control.

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samp said...

Sadly we do have a long way to and organizations such as this are entitled to their opinion but hopefully few will agree with them.

I would suggest, however, that as we get passed the GOP primary season, elect a GOP ticket we will begin to see racism creep into the debates. For whatever reason it rears it's ugly head at these times. Very troubling. Already there have been several articles talking about it.