Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We the Invented People

It's been rehashed so many times by now, but news today is a bit skimpy on anything else that's new and exciting, so here are my thoughts on Gingrich calling the Palestinians an "Invented People."

Gingrich went off on Palestine, calling them an "invented people", one whose sovereignty has been created on paper, but who have no historical land to call theirs and who have more or less been cobbled together from refugee groups. It's interesting that Gingrich would say this in defense of Israel, since Israel itself is an invented state. It was not a country until the 1920's. And what about the old Ottoman Empire areas that became countries. Are those invented?

And what about the United States? The vast majority of Americans are not indigenous to America, so aren't we also an invented people? Gingrich would of course say that we are not, but why? We fall in the same category, if we go by his description. I think Gingrich is missing the point. Nationality is not what makes a People. After all, we talk about the Jewish Community, the Muslim Community, and the Christian Community. What makes a People is not their country but their society.

This all brings up another point for me; why is it that America will defend Israel in absolutely everything? Why do we not condemn them for their bullying of the Palestinians (whether they're a legitimate people or not, they are still people, are they not?).  Why is it that we are so strongly tied to Israel, a nation that continually backstabs its neighbors in treaties, is the source of a large amount of oppression, and is generally not very nice? I don't know a lot of the history, but I know that you can't speak out against the nation of Israel without being burned politically. Why?

And what about that other group of invented people: corporations? According to the Supreme Court, Corporations are people. And since a corporation literally has to be licensed and "invented", aren't they more of an invented people than Palestine? Now, here's another point. How is it that, between Israel (invented in the last century) and Corporations (granted legal personhood in the last century), America will bend over backwards and route out other "invented people"? It boggles the mind.

Whether Gingrich meant what he said, or whether he didn't, it's still an interesting concept to consider. I'm sure that even if Gingrich goes back on this, it's clear that the thought entered his mind at one point, and that means other people think this way, too. So the question is, what makes a people not  invented?

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