Monday, December 5, 2011

Red Puppets

It's pretty rich of the Fox News crowd to complain about puppets that are teaching our children extremist views. But that's what a couple of guys over on Fox Business's show "Follow the Money" discussed without a hint of irony last week.

The muppets are about as communist as the characters of Sesame Street. To be fair, though, that has been a target of controversy-prone groups in the past as well. But the idea that the muppets are "indoctrinating" children is laughable. First of all, indoctrination is the word that people use for education by someone who does not share their views. Glenn Beck indoctrinates kids with his "Liberty Treehouse" show. School teacher indoctrinate kids when they teach them math and reading skills. Parents indoctrinate kids when they tell them not to stick their finger in the power outlet. The other issue with the idea of "indoctrination" is that the very use of that word completely discredits the group being labeled and disregards completely their point of view and opinion. Having an alternative point of view is demonized, is seen as an oppressive weapon against unassuming and innocent children. When that's the view that is promoted by the use of the word "indoctrination" it completely negates any hope of reconciliation or discussion.

So, no, the muppets are not communist. Just like Obama is not an anti-American Socialist Muslim, Glenn Beck is not sane, Rush Limbaugh is not compassionate, Fox is not fair and balanced, and "indoctrination" is not a problem in our country. It's all about your perspective.

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