Thursday, December 1, 2011

Occupy Hearts and Minds

With the recent wave of crackdowns on OWS demonstrations across the country, the movement is starting to rethink its strategy. While there are still plenty of people on the streets occupying parts of major cities, thoughts are beginning to turn to what will happen come winter, and how the movement should move forward when the weather turns warm again.

I've been listening to talk radio when I can, which I find detestable for the most part. It amazes me how much over-generalization there is, how much ignorance is still abounding about OWS, and how these talk radio personalities are ready to destroy OWS, but glorify the Tea Party.

The new movement of OWS should be one away from tactics that easily draw scorn, and be a move towards more careful and logistic strategy. What I mean by that is, more bang, less flash. The occupations got a lot of media attention, got people listening, but didn't capitalize on that. While the message was distorted by the media, there was the perception that nothing was actually happening. When OWS ramps up in the spring, this should be their goal: to drive their movement to a clear, definable, and attainable goal. Not only that, but make it something that people can understand and support. For example, stand up and demand that the wealthy take a tax increase of 5%. That is clear, concise, attainable, and helpful to the overall objective of the movement. Most of all, no one should be able to argue about whether or not OWS has any clearly defined goals.

The next few months will be a trial for OWS, but I strongly believe that if they refine their tactics and message, and use this time well, they will come out much more organized, driven, and popular than they are now.

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